Formerly known as Gelato Bar, it was started in 2003 as a modest café in Darmawangsa Square. At that time, it was a pioneer that introduced authentic gelato dessert as well as café concept in South Jakarta. What started as a new concept quickly gained a steady reputation in the industry and since then, our food menu has evolved to include more and more gourmet delights - prepared using the freshest and highest quality ingredients.

At G.B, our philosophy is simple and honest . . . that is to provide our guests with delicious food, drinks and friendly service in our stylish, warm and cosy ambiance.

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Blue Jasmine is the culmination of our love for the culinary world across Indonesian archipelago. Our philosophy is to present the best of these heritage cuisine and traditions combined with modern culinary culture and dining experience. Put it simply, our goal is to present the best of Indonesia!

We do not strive to follow the trends as we believe in serving everlasting good food that we love. Most importantly, we believe in presenting you with honest, hearty cuisines prepared with the finest ingredients served with friendly service.

The kitchen brings together colorful produce, bold flavours and traditional taste profiles to create inspired combinations. A wide selection of traditional and creative dim sum is made by hand daily and steamed to order. Decadent desserts and refreshing cocktails get a tropical twist from fresh fruits, herbs and spices found throughout the region.

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Straits Canteen is born from the journal and passion towards local culinary culture and experience. At Straits Canteen, we offer simple good local comfort Straits Indonesian Food in more modern relaxed setting.

The dishes range from simple recipes of neigbourhood food stalls; street hawkers; to home recipes that we grew up on. Some dishes draw its influence from Nyonya cuisine, that incorporates elements from Chinese, Indonesia, Malay and as far as Thai food. Straits Canteen also features locally sourced coffee beand brewed traditionally, home-made freshly baked old-style breads and snacks daily.

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